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Lexer library

Lexer rules and options are implemented as published properties of TSyntAnalyzer component. Lexer is resource of this component.

There are two file extensions used to store lexer resources:
*.LCF Single lexer configuration (text delphi resource of TSyntAnalyzer).
*.LXL Lexer library (text delphi resource of TSyntaxManager).
All this files in "Delphi Form Resource" text format.

You may save/load lexer and library configuration, so it is possible to exchange resource of lexer configurations. Update of default lexer library you can find at download page.

Lexer Name Group Extensions
PascalProgramming Languagespas inc dpr dpk lpr lpk
CProgramming Languagesc h
C++Programming Languagesc cpp cxx h hpp
Visual BasicProgramming Languagesbas vb
AssemblerProgramming Languagesasm
C#Programming Languagesc cpp h cs
Java BuilderProgramming Languagesjava jav
FortranProgramming Languagesf for f90 f95 f2k
PerlProgramming Languagespl pm cgi pod
PHPProgramming Languagesphp php2 php3 php4 php5
LispProgramming Languages 
PythonProgramming Languagespy
1CProgramming Languages 
Visual BasicProgramming Languagesbas
DigitalMars DProgramming Languagesd
RubyProgramming Languagesrb rbw
ClipperProgramming Languagesclp
ClarionProgramming Languages 
Acu CobolProgramming Languagescbl
CobolProgramming Languagescbl
FoxProProgramming Languagesprg
Modula 2Programming Languages 
OberonProgramming Languagesob2 mod
Resource filesProgramming ResourcesRc
Delphi resourcesProgramming Resourcesdfm lxl lcf
Make filesProgramming Resources 
Help contentsProgramming Resourcescnt
IDLProgramming Resourcesidl
FastMM Leaks ReportProgramming Resources 
C++Builder projectProgramming Resourcesbpk bpr
MadExcept reportProgramming Resources 
PL/SQLSQLsql pck
SQL WhiteSQLsql
SQL BlueSQLsql
MySQL Stored ProceduresSQLsql pck
VB scriptScriptsvb
C++ ScriptScriptsc cpp
Java ScriptScriptsjs
Java scriptScriptsjs
Pascal scriptScripts 
Pascal scriptScripts 
Pascal ScriptScriptspas
PAX PascalScriptspas
CVAVRScriptsc h
Adobe ScriptScriptsas
Bash ShellscriptScriptssh csh
Verilog HDLScriptsv
HTML documentsHTMLhtm html php asp aspx
HTML with scriptsHTMLhtm html
HTML documentsHTMLhtm html php asp aspx
Style sheets HTMLcss
XML xml xsl xslt mmpa mmpr sti bdsproj xsd
INI ini dsk dti dof inf lng srv reg sas
Batch files (bat, cmd) bat cmd
Inno SetupInstallersiss
NSISInstallersnsh nsi
NSL AssemblerInstallersnsl
Regular expressionsSyntax Editor 
GrammarSyntax Editorzg
Hyperlink extractorSyntax Editor 
Text filesTexttxt
Def textTexttxt
Two ColumnsText 
Empty linesText 
Formatted plain textText 
Multi ColumnsText 
BNFMiscellaneous::BNFbnf custom
BNF Single RuleMiscellaneous::BNFbnf custom
ASAP Meta LangugeMiscellaneous 
ASAP 2 databaseMiscellaneousa2l
LatexMiscellaneoustex sty aux toc idx
Gold ParserMiscellaneousgrm
RPG/IVMiscellaneousrpg rpgle
RPG/IV (Free Syntax)Miscellaneous 
VAR fileMiscellaneousvar
Teksoft PostsMiscellaneoussrc lib mch atr sec sin set cal reg
MIB files (SNMP protocol)Miscellaneousmib my
MIB PropertiesMiscellaneous 
Apache configurationMiscellaneousconf
Adobe FlashMiscellaneous 
Multiple lexers demoMiscellaneous 
CRF lexerMiscellaneous 
Test ResultMiscellaneous 
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