EControl Syntax Editor SDK
version 2.60

Code Gear RAD Studio 2009 support. 

In RAD Studio 2009 only one mode is supported - Unicode. 



TCustomSyntaxMemo.Caret Property - improved manager for caret. You may define image, color, shape, etc. of caret for insert, overwrite and read-only modes. 

TecCaret Class - caret manager 

TecCaretShape Class - caret shape descriptor 



Parser state support. Parser state is integer variable. It may be modified by rules or programmatically. Parser state may be checked by rules to detect whether this rule can be used. 

TParserResults.ParserState Property 

TParserResults.ParserStateAtPos Method 

TRuleCollectionItem.StatesPresent Property 

TRuleCollectionItem.StatesAbsent Property 

TRuleCollectionItem.StatesAdd Property 

TRuleCollectionItem.StatesRemove Property 


TClientSyntAnalyzer.CompleteAnalysis Method 

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