EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TecRegExpr Class

Regular expression compiler and executor.

TecRegExpr = class(TPersistent);


This class encapsulates regular expressions compiler and matching processor. To specify regular expression use Expression property. 

To test Text at specified position for matching expression use Match function. 

If you want to implement complex replace operations using sub-expressions use Substitute function.

The methods of the TecRegExpr class are listed here. 
The properties of the TecRegExpr class are listed here. 
read only 
TecRegExpr Methods 
Copies the contents of another, similar object. 
Creates an object instance of TecRegExpr class. 
Destroys an instance of TecRegExpr. 
Returns template with replaced escape sequences and sub-expression metacharacters. 
TecRegExpr Properties 
Specifies code page to be used for ANSI - UNICODE conversions. 
Regular expression. 
It is False if expression is valid 
Length of sub-expression. 
Returns the index value of the first character of subexpression. 
Specifies modifier flags as combination of:
MaskModI = 1; // modifier /i bit in fModifiers
MaskModR = 2; // -"- /r
MaskModS = 4; // -"- /s
MaskModG = 8; // -"- /g
MaskModM = 16; // -"- /m
MaskModX = 32; // -"- /x 
Greeding mode modifier. 
Ignore case modifier. 
Treat string as multiple lines. 
Integer mask of modifiers. 
National syntax extensions. 
'.' works as any char. 
Specifies which modifiers can be changed from regular expression. If some flag is set => this modifier can not be changed from regular expression. 
Set/get default modifiers using regular expressions syntax. 
Extended syntax mode. 
Number of subexpressions. 
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