EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntaxTreeView.MultiSelectStyle Property

Determines how multiple node selections work.

property MultiSelectStyle;

MultiSelectStyle determines how multiple selections are made when MultiSelect is true. MultiSelectStyle must include at least one of the following values.

Clicking on any node with the Control key pressed toggles the selection of that node. 
Clicking on any node with the Shift key press selects that node, the last single node selected, and the nodes in between. All other nodes are deselected. 
Multiple selections with the Shift key do not include child nodes of collapsed nodes. 
Selected nodes are restricted to a single set of siblings. 

If msControlSelect or msShiftSelect are in effect, the last singly-selected node becomes the primary selection, referenced by Selections[0]. The primary selection is the anchor for extended selections using the Shift key.

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