EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntaxMemo.MonoFontMode Property

Specifies mode of internal text size calculation.

property MonoFontMode: TMonoFontMode;

When mono-font mode is enabled all operations that requires text size calculation are faster, because it simplifies text size calculation (multiplies character width on length of string in characters) 

Mono-font mode is enabled only when MonoFontMode is mfAuto and mfFixed and all used fonts have fixed pitch. 

Possible values of MonoFontMode:

Automatically determines whether mono-font mode may be used. 
Automatically determines whether mono-font mode may be used, sets pitch of default font to fpFixed. 
Disables mono-font mode. 

Be accurate when using MonoFontMode. Some fonts may have different width for different styles, even if they are declared as fixed pitch font. This may cause incorrect text rendering and positioning. 

To avoid such problems set MonoFontMode to mfVariable. 

Use mono-font mode only with tested fonts, for example, with "Courier New" font.

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