EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntaxMemo.CollapseStyle Property

Specifies how to display collapsed regions.

property CollapseStyle: TCollapseStyle;

There are two implemented ways to display collapsed regions:

  1. Draw line separator at the bottom of the first line in the collapsed region. In this case text of the region placed in the first line is visible and available to edit. This style was implemented initially in the library.
  2. Draw text icon (non-editable text) at the start position of the collapsed range. In this case all text of the region is invisible. Such a way is used, for example, in Delphi 2005 and MS Visual Studio 7. Double click on the text icon will expand this region.

Text string to be displayed as icon may be defined in lexer's block rules by the TTagBlockCondition.CollapseFmt property. 


Possible values 
Only line separators 
Only text icons. If there is no defined text, defualt text "..." is selected. 
Text icons if they defined in the block rules, otherwise line separators. 
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