EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TGutter Class

Represents gutter properties (except line numeration properties) container.

TGutter = class(TPersistent);


Gutter is a special area at the left side of the editor that is used to display line marks (gutter objects, bookmarks), line numbers and expanding buttons. Class TGutter can not be used separately from TCustomSyntaxMemo. It is intended to group some properties and methods.

The methods of the TGutter class are listed here. 
The properties of the TGutter class are listed here. 
read only 
TGutter Methods 
Returns index of band at position X. If there is no band at specified position result value is -1. 
Creates and initializes a TGutter instance. 
Destroys an instance of TGutter. 
Returns rectangle occupied by the expanding button for the line from Y1 to Y2. 
Returns position and width of the specified band. 
Returns true if mouse click on gutter at position X has to move caret. 
TGutter Properties 
Specifies whether width of the gutter has to be equal to sum width of bands. 
Represents collection of the bands. 
Specifies pen of the folding line. 
Specifies color of the gutter. 
Specifies cursor when mouse over the gutter. It is not used if mouse is over any band. 
Determines whether the gutter's image is rendered directly to the window or painted to an in-memory bitmap first. 
Specifies images for tree buttons on the gutter which displayed for line that can be collapsed. 
Specifies position of the expand buttons on the gutter. 
Lists the images that can appear on gutter for gutter objects and bookmarks. 
Specifies index of gutter object which is used as line-break marker. 
Specifies whether mouse click should effect on caret position. 
Represents collection of the gutter objects. 
Indicates owner of the TGutter object. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the gutter. 
Specifies color of separator line between gutter and text area. 
Specifies whether folding line has to be displayed. 
Specifies whether separator between gutter and text area has to be displayed. 
Specifies whether gutter with all objects is visible. 
Specifies width of the gutter. 
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