EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TCustomSyntaxMemo.Bookmarks Property

Returns zero-based position of the bookmark with the specified index.

property Bookmarks [Index: integer]: integer;

Index may be any integer value. Access to Bookmarks property looks for a TBookmark object in the BookmarkObj collection that has specified index (TBookmark.BmIndex). 



If bookmark with the specified index does not exist, Bookmarks[Index] returns -1, otherwise Bookmarks[Index] returns position of the bookmark. 



If bookmark exists, writing to Bookmarks property will change position of the bookmark. If assigned value is -1 and bookmark exists, this bookmark will be destroyed. 

If no bookmark has been found and assigned value is not -1, new TBookmark object will be created with the specified index and position. After creating bookmark OnSetBookmark event occurs, in which you can adjust properties of the new bookmark object.

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