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TCustomGutterObject Class

TCustomGutterObject is a base class of gutter objects and bookmarks.

TCustomGutterObject = class(TCollectionItem);


Use gutter object to display image on the gutter and to highlight specified line(s). 


Each gutter object may be associated with the single line or with multiple lines using OnCheckLine event handle. 


To assign image to the gutter object use ImageIndex property. Images may be specified by the ImageList property or by the TGutter.Images. Position of the image may be adjusted using Band and Margin property. Hint property specifies hint that will be displayed when mouse cursor is over an image. 


To specify line highlighting use BgColor, ForeColor and SelInvertColors.

The methods of the TCustomGutterObject class are listed here. 
The properties of the TCustomGutterObject class are listed here. 
The events of the TCustomGutterObject class are listed here. 
TCustomGutterObject Events 
Occurs when gutter object is checked to be associated with the specified line. 
Occurs when the user clicks the gutter object's image (left mouse button). 
TCustomGutterObject Methods 
Copies the contents of another, similar object. 
Checks whether gutter object is associated with the specified line. 
Creates and initializes a TCustomGutterObject instance. 
Creates an instance of the gutter object. 
Destroys an instance of TCustomGutterObject. 
TCustomGutterObject Properties 
Specifies position of the image on the guter. 
Specifies back ground color of line highlighting. 
Specifies cursor which selected when mouse is over gutter image. 
Specifies fore ground color of line highlighting. 
Contains the text string that can appear when the user moves the mouse over the image. 
Determines which image appears on the gutter. 
Lists the images that can appear on the gutter. 
Specifies line where gutter object is placed. 
Specifies offset of the image. 
Specifies name of the gutter object. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the gutter object. 
Specifies whether style of the marked block (selected block) will be formed using line highlighting colors. 
Specifies sub-line where to show gutter icon. If this property is equal to -1 gutter icon will be displayed at the center of whole line height. 
Stores an integer value as part of a gutter object. 
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