EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TTextFinder.Flags Property

Specifies search & replace options.

property Flags: TSearchOptions;

Specify settings for the search direction, search scope, case-sensitivity, "whole word", and regular expression attributes of the search and replace operations.

Differentiates uppercase from lowercase when performing a search. 
Searches for words only. (With this option off, the search string might be found within longer words.) 
From the current cursor position to the beginning of the file, else from the current cursor position to the end of the file. 
Only the selected text, in the direction specified by the Direction setting. To select a block of text, use the mouse or block commands. 
Either the entire block of selected text or the entire file (no matter where the cursor is in the file), depending upon the ftSelectedText option, else at the cursor's current position and proceeds either forward to the end of the scope, or backward to the beginning of the scope depending on the ftBackward setting. 
Recognizes specific regular expressions in the search string. 
Prompts you before replacing each occurrence of the search string. When Prompt on replace is off, the Code editor automatically replaces the search string. 
Treats ReplaceText as a template. After successful search template is substituted (invoking TecRegExpr.Substitute) than resulting string is used to replace found substring in a Text. This option is only available with ftRegularExpr option. 
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