EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TTagBlockCondition.ConditionList Property

Collection of conditions to test token sequence.

property ConditionList: TConditionCollection;

Each item in the ConditionList is of TSingleTagCondition class. Block rules test token array each time new token is created. Conditions testing succeeds if each condition succeeds. 


Algorithm of conditions testing 

Checks ConditionList[0] on last token (for example, with index N). (using CheckToken method) 

Checks ConditionList[1] on token (with index N - 1). 


Checks ConditionList[m] on token (with index N - m). 


If there is condition (for example, with index m) that has CondType = tcSkip, testing will be: 

If checking ConditionList[m+1] on token (with index N) is True, testing proceeds in ConditionList[m + 2], otherwise 

if checking ConditionList[m] (tcSkip) on token (with index N) is True, returns to checking ConditionList[m+1] on token (with index N - 1).

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