EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntTextSource.Lines Property

Contains text.

property Lines: TSyntMemoStrings;

Use Lines to manipulate text in an memo control on a line-by-line basis. Lines is a TStrings object, so the TStrings methods may be used for Lines to perform manipulations such as counting the lines of text, adding new lines, deleting lines, or replacing lines with new text, but it is not recommended. 

Instead use special methods of TCustomSyntaxMemo such as InsertText, DeleteText, ReplaceText, ... These methods update all objects linked to the text (bookmarks, markers, user ranges, collapsed lines and so on). 


All editors linked to TSyntTextSource share this Lines.

Although Lines is implemented as a TStrings descendant, it does not implement the support for associating objects with the strings in the list.

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