EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntMemoPopup.CommandID Property

Specifies identifier of the syntax memo command which will fire popup tool execution.

property CommandID: integer;

To enable execution of the popup tool on the command (i.e. on the keystroke which is assigned to that command): 

1. Add new command to key mapping linked to the same syntax memo. 

2. Assign identifier of this command to CommandID property. 


There are commands for all tool components (smCodeTemplate, smAutoComplete, smParameterHint, smSelCharacter) in default key mapping. These commands are used if no key mapping is linked to the syntax memo or linked key mapping was initialized with the default key mapping and corresponding command were not deleted. 


Using command linking allows having several tools of the same class is linked to the same syntax memo but with different commands (i.e. with different keystrokes).

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