EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TAutoCompletePopup.DisplayItems Property

Strings that used to draw pop-up list box items.

property DisplayItems: TecStrings;

Each display item corresponds to the item in Items array with the same index. Display item is used to draw corresponding list box item. 

DisplayItems may be empty or number of display items may be less than number of items. In this case, string from the Items array is used to draw list box item (without formatting). 


Formatting display items 

It is possible to use:

  1. Images.
  2. Columns with aligning.
  3. Styles.


Text macros which can be used to format items: 

/I#/- image, where # - image index 

/S#/- style changing, where # - style number. Number 0 means no style (i.e. default font is used), number 1 is style with index 0 in Styles collection. Style is applied to all text up to the end of item (line) or to the next entry of /S#/ macro. 

/T/ - columns separators. Specifies column break and alignment in the next column (text after macro). If this macro is at the start of item it specifies only alignment of the first column. 

/T/ - left aligned column 

/TR/- right aligned column 

/TC/- center aligned column 


You have to set Images and Styles properties to use corresponding formatting macroses (/I#/, /S#/).

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