EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TecReplaceGroup Class

TecReplaceGroup represents an item in TecReplaceGroups collection.

TecReplaceGroup = class(TCollectionItem);


TecReplaceGroup is a wrapper component for a collection of TecReplaceItem objects. This collection is represented in the Items property of TecReplaceGroup.

The methods of the TecReplaceGroup class are listed here. 
The properties of the TecReplaceGroup class are listed here. 
TecReplaceGroup Methods 
Creates and initializes a TecReplaceGroup instance. 
Destroys an instance of TecReplaceGroup. 
Executes multi replace in the Memo editor. 
Indicates whether it is allowed to execute multi replace group. 
Executes one replacement pass in the text. 
TecReplaceGroup Properties 
Specifies a text string that identifies the category of the object in TecReplaceGroups collection. 
CheckStart is an expression which is applied to the beginning of the text to check whether it is allowed to execute multi replace. 
Represents the name of the item for display purposes. 
Stores an integer value as part of a multi replace group. 
Lists the items in the collection. 
Specifies notes for the current group of TecReplaceItem objects. 
Specifies a shortcut for the current replace group. 
Specifies target of multi-replace operation: selection, selected lines, text. 
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