EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TPlainTextSyntExport Class

Exports content of Syntax Memo in plain text format.

TPlainTextSyntExport = class(TComponent);


TPlainTextSyntExport - base class of all exporters in "EControl Syntax Editor SDK". Provides plain text export to clipboard and to stream/file. 

In design-time you may specify ExportType and at run-time export content of the syntax memo to clipboard (SaveToClipboard), to stream (SaveToStream) and to file (SaveToFile).

The methods of the TPlainTextSyntExport class are listed here. 
The properties of the TPlainTextSyntExport class are listed here. 
read only 
TPlainTextSyntExport Methods 
Adds line break to the end of the buffer. 
Adds text to the buffer. 
Creates and initializes a TPlainTextSyntExport instance. 
Destroys an instance of TPlainTextSyntExport. 
Implements all necessary operations after exporting text. 
Exports all text. 
Exports columnar block of text. 
Exports linear block of text. 
Exports selected text. 
Exports range of text. 
Returns content of the buffer. 
Returns footer of the exported text. 
Returns header of the exported text. 
Returns a substring from the source SyntMemo
Reads list of styles at the CurPos position. 
Exports text from the source. 
Returns position after CurPos position where style of the text changes. 
Saves export buffer to clipboard. 
Saves export buffer to file. 
Saves export buffer to stream. 
Clears the buffer and implements all necessary operations before exporting text. 
TPlainTextSyntExport Properties 
Contains exported data. 
Type of exported block. 
Specifies source of the exported text. 
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