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TButtonProps Class

Button item contains properties which describes button display and events to process button events.

TButtonProps = class(TCollectionItem);


The methods of the TButtonProps class are listed here. 
The properties of the TButtonProps class are listed here. 
The events of the TButtonProps class are listed here. 
TButtonProps Events 
Occurs when the user clicks the button. 
Occurs when the user double-clicks the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is over the button. 
Occurs when the user presses a mouse button with the mouse pointer over a button. 
Called when painting button. It may be used to perform custom rendering. 
Occurs when the user clicks the button and holds mouse button pressed. 
TButtonProps Methods 
Copies the contents of another, similar object. 
Creates and initializes a TButtonProps instance. 
Destroys an instance of TButtonProps. 
TButtonProps Properties 
Controls whether the Checked property toggles when the button is clicked. 
Specifies the caption, or label, that appears on the button. 
Specifies whether the button is checked (down) or unchecked (up). 
Specifies the image used to represent the mouse pointer when it passes into the region covered by the button. 
Controls whether the button responds to mouse events. 
Determines whether the button has a 3D border that provides a raised or lowered look. 
Specifies the bitmap that appears on the speed button. 
Lists the images that the button uses to display it's face. It is alternative to Glyph way to associate images. ImageCount specifies how many images can be used. 
Specifies type of the button. 
Contains the text string that can appear when the user moves the mouse over the button. 
Specifies number of images from GlyphImages image list or from Glyph bitmap to use for rendering button face. 
Specifies image index of first image in GlyphImages image list. 
Specifies at which side the button will be placed. 
Specifies using theme mode. 
Specifies interval after which OnTrack event starts generating while mouse down on the button. 
Specifies interval between sequential OnTrack event calls while mouse down on the button. 
Specifies that button will occupy only half height. Following button will be placed under this button. This property is used to organize Up/Down buttons. 
Determines whether the button appears on screen. 
Specifies width of the button. 
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