EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TDBSyntaxMemo.AutoDisplay Property

Determines whether to automatically display the contents of a memo or graphic BLOB in a database memo.

property AutoDisplay: Boolean;

If AutoDisplay is true, the control automatically displays new data when the underlying BLOB field changes (such as when moving to a new record). 


If AutoDisplay is false, the control shows only the field name whenever the underlying BLOB field changes. To display the data, the user can double-click on the control or select it and press Enter. 


The effect of AutoDisplay is not purely cosmetic. The data shown by the TDBSyntaxMemo is the value of the Text property. When AutoDisplay is false, if the data changes, the value of the Text property changes to the name of the field. Thus, if AutoDisplay is false, applications should be cautious about using the value of the Text property to ascertain the value of the underlying field. 


Calling the LoadMemo method causes Text to update to the current value of the BLOB field. This change will also be reflected in the appearance of the control on screen. 


Change the value of AutoDisplay to false if the automatic loading of BLOB fields takes too long. 


Note: AutoDisplay only applies to BLOB fields. If the control is bound to another type of text field, AutoDisplay has no effect.

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