EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TCustomGutterObject Properties
TCustomGutterObject Properties
TCustomGutterObject Properties 
Specifies position of the image on the guter. 
Specifies back ground color of line highlighting. 
Specifies cursor which selected when mouse is over gutter image. 
Specifies fore ground color of line highlighting. 
Contains the text string that can appear when the user moves the mouse over the image. 
Determines which image appears on the gutter. 
Lists the images that can appear on the gutter. 
Specifies line where gutter object is placed. 
Specifies offset of the image. 
Specifies name of the gutter object. 
Identifies the pop-up menu associated with the gutter object. 
Specifies whether style of the marked block (selected block) will be formed using line highlighting colors. 
Specifies sub-line where to show gutter icon. If this property is equal to -1 gutter icon will be displayed at the center of whole line height. 
Stores an integer value as part of a gutter object. 
TBookmark Class
TBookmark Class 
Specifies whether bookmark may be deleted with text in which it is set. 
Specifies bookmark index. 
Indicates whether position of the bookmark was changed. 
Specifies position of the bookmark in the syntax memo's text. 
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