EControl Syntax Editor SDK
ecSyntMemo Namespace Classes
TBookmark represents a single bookmark in the syntax memo. 
Lists the bookmarks (TBookmark objects) in the TCustomSyntaxMemo
TCollapsedRange represents a single collapsed range. 
Lists the collapsed ranges (TCollapsedRange objects) in the TCustomSyntaxMemo
TCustomGutterObject is a base class of gutter objects and bookmarks. 
TCustomSyntaxMemo is editor control with syntax highlighting. 
Default styles. 
Implements background rendering. 
Caret manager. 
Stores caret properties. 
Represents horizontal ruler at the top side of the editor. The width of one unit is equal to default character width. 
TecMemoStateStorage stores runtime state (caret position, scroll position, bookmarks, markers, user ranges...) of the editor. 
Performs custom formatting of selected text. 
Represents single text margin. 
Represents collection of text margins. 
Represents gutter properties (except line numeration properties) container. 
TGutterBand represents a single band of the gutter. 
Represents collection of the bands. 
Represents object that displays image on the gutter and highlights associated line(s). 
Represents collection of the gutter objects. 
Represents container of the TCustomSyntaxMemo's hints properties. 
Stores information about line dimensions and word breaks. 
Represents line numbers properties container. 
Stores settings of line state display. 
Represents stack-based marker. 
Represents non printed characters properties container. 
Represents animation properties container for TCustomSyntaxMemo
TSyntaxMemo is editor control with syntax highlighting. 
Base class of syntax memo plug-in. 
Manages synchronized editing. 
Represents container of tab positions list. 
Represents custom formatting object of the text in syntax memo. 
Lists the user ranges (TUserRange objects) in the editor. 
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