EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Syntax Lexer Library

This dialog is intended for customizing lexer library. Lexer library is component that contains collection of lexers. 

To show this dialog you must:

  • at design time: double click on TSyntaxManager component icon or select "Customize..." command in popup menu
  • at run time: call Customize method of TSyntaxManager.



Toolbar commands:

Open lexer library 
Loads lexer library from file (LXL extension) 
Save lexer library 
Saves lexer library to file (LXL extension) 
New lexer 
Creates new lexer and opens "Syntax Lexer" dialog 
Lexer properties 
Shows "Syntax Lexer" dialog for the selected lexer 
Copy lexer 
Create a copy of currently selected lexer 
Import lexer 
Creates new lexer, loads it's configuration from file (LCF extension) 
Export lexer 
Saves selected lexer configuration to file (LCF extension) 
Delete lexer 
Deletes selected lexer from the library 
Deletes all lexers in the library 
Closes dialog 


To change order of lexers use mouse drag and drop operations. 

Check boxes are used to point which lexers have to included in Lexers menu generated by lexers manager. 

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