EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Styles merging

Styles are merged in the next order:

  1. Default style
  2. Text range line highlighting
  3. Dynamic line highlighting
  4. User ranges line highlighting
  5. Sub lexer style
  6. Token style
  7. Text range style
  8. User range's style
  9. OnGetStyleEntry event handler
  10. OnGetLineStyle event handler
  11. Gutter object's line highlighting
  12. OnLineHighLight event handler
  13. Current line style
  14. Dynamic text range style
  15. Search result marks
  16. IecExternalFormatter.GetStyleList of linked clients
  17. Custom formatting - TecEmbeddedObjects Class
  18. Selected block style


If resulting style has Hidden flag, text will be invisible. If all characters in a line are invisible, this line will be hidden. 

If resulting style has ReadOnly flag, text will be read only, i.e. can not be deleted or modified.

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