EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Line highlighting

Line highlighting is used to mark whole line. 

There are three attributes that describe line highlighting:

  1. Background color
  2. Foreground color (i.e. font color)
  3. Flag that specifies using these colors to mark selection. If this flag is set, style of the selected text will use colors of the line highlighting. Background color is used as font color of the selection (if it is not equal to clNone) and foreground color is used as back ground color of the selection.


clNone color value corresponds to none color, i.e. this color is not applied to the Canvas. 

Line highlighting is determined before line painting once for the each line. 


There are several ways to specify line highlighting:

  1. Text ranges style if TTextRange.Rule.Highlight is True
  2. Gutter objects, bookmarks (TCustomGutterObject)
  3. Use ranges (TUserRange.HighlightLines property)
  4. TCustomSyntaxMemo.OnLineHighlight event handler.
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