EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Lexer configuration files

There are two file extensions used to store lexer resources: 


*.LCF Single lexer configuration (text Delphi resource of TSyntAnalyzer). 

*.LXL Lexer library (text Delphi resource of TSyntaxManager). 


All this files have "Delphi Form Resource" text format. 


To manage this files use "Syntax Lexer Library" dialog. This dialog has commands: save/load lexer library (*.LXL), import/export single lexer (*.LCF). 


Also to work with lexer's resource files use "Syntax Lexer" dialog, in which there are two buttons to load (Import) and to save (Export) lexer configuration from/to file (*.LCF). 


At run time use LoadFromFile and SaveToFile methods of TSyntaxManager and TSyntAnalyzer to load/save lexer library and lexer configuration from/to file.

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