EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Key mapping

Use "Key mapping" dialog to change key assignments of editor commands. 

You can associate sequences of key shortcuts with any command. 

Commands are grouped in categories. Each command may have unlimited number of key sequences associated with it. Each key sequence may consist of several key shortcuts (single key or key with pressed control key: Control, Alt, Shift). 

In "Hotkey" edit field you may enter a single shortcut but pressing when this field is focused. 

Press "Add as new keystroke" button to create new key sequence where first shortcut will be selected shortcut. 

Press "Extend current keystroke" button to add selected shortcut to currently selected keystroke. 

Press "Delete keystroke" to delete currently selected keystroke.

If you define shortcut that is used in menu, it will not work due to this shortcut will be processed by menu.

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