EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Editor options

Use the "Editor Options" dialog box to customize behavior of the Syntax Editor. 


Editor Options check boxes 

Use the following editor options to control text handling in the Code editor. Check the option to enable it. 


Check box 
When selected 
Insert mode 
Inserts text at the cursor without overwriting existing text. If Insert Mode is disabled, text at the cursor is overwritten. (Use the Ins key to toggle Insert Mode in the Code editor without changing this default setting.) 
Auto indent mode 
Positions the cursor under the first nonblank character of the preceding nonblank line when you press Enter. 
Backspace unindents 
Aligns the insertion point to the previous indentation level (outdents it) when you press Backspace, if the cursor is on the first nonblank character of a line. 
Group undo 
Undoes your last editing command as well as any subsequent editing commands of the same type, if you press Alt+Backspace or choose Edit|Undo. 
Group redo 
If it is set Redo will involve group of changes. 
Keep caret in text 
Allows move caret only into text like in Memo. 
Double click line 
Highlights the line when you double-click any character in the line. If disabled, only the selected word is highlighted. 
Fixed line height 
Prevents line height calculation. Line height will be calclculated by means of Default Style
Persistent blocks 
Keeps marked blocks selected even when the cursor is moved using the arrow keys, until a new block is selected. 
Overwrite blocks 
Replaces a marked block of text with whatever is typed next. If Persistent Blocks is also selected, text you enter is appended following the currently selected block. 
Show caret in read only mode 
Shows caret in read only mode. 
Copy to clipboard as RTF 
Copies selected text also in RTF format. 
Enable column selection 
Enabled column selection mode. 
Hide selection 
Hides selection when editor loses focus. 
Hide dynamic 
Hides dynamic highlighting when editor loses focus. 
Enable text dragging 
Enables drag&drop operation for text movement. 
Collapse empty lines 
Collapse empty lines after text range when this rang have been collapsed. 
Keep trailing blanks 
Keeps any blanks you might have at the end of a line. 
Float markers 
If it is set markers are linked to text, so they will move with text during editing. Otherwise they are linked to caret position, and stay unchanged during editing. Also markers save scroll position. 
Undo after save 
Stay undo buffer unchanged after save with SaveToFile method. 
Disable selection 
Disables any selection. 
Draw current line focus 
Draws focus rectangle around current line when editor have focus. 
Hide cursor on type 
Hides mouse cursor when user type text and mouse cursor within client area. 
Scroll to last line 
When it is true you may scroll to last line of text, otherwise you can scroll to last page. When this option is off and total text height less then client height vertical scroll bar will be hidden. 
Greedy selection 
If this option is set selection will contain extra column/line during column/line selection modes. 
Keep selection mode 
Selection enabled for caret movement commands (like in BRIEF). 
Smart caret 
Acts on the caret movement (up, down, line start, line end). Caret is moved to the nearest position on the screen. 
Word wrap 
Determines whether the editor wraps text at the right side of text area. 
Word break on right margin 
Determines whether text wraps (word-wrap mode) on the right margin instead of right side of client area. 
Optimal fill 
Begins every auto indented line with the minimum number of characters possible, using tabs and spaces as necessary. 
Fixed column move 
Keeps X position of caret before editing text, this position is used when moving up/down caret. 
Variable horizontal scroll bar 
Sets range of horizontal scroll bar to the maximal width of only visible lines. Hides horizontal scroll bar if visible lines fit client width. 
Unindent keep align 
Restricts unindent operation when at least one of lines can not be unindented. 


Gutter options

Shows gutter. 
Line numeration 
Shows line numbers. 
Width of the gutter, default is 40 
Color of gutter, default "Button Face". 


Right margin

Check to display a line at the right margin of the Code editor. 
Right margin 
Set the right margin of the editor. The default is 80 characters. 
Color of the right margin line. 


Other options

Editor font 
Default editor font. It is used to display plain text without syntax highlighting. 
Number font 
This font is used to display line numbers. 
Background color 
Background color of the editor window. 
Undo limit 
Specify the number of keystrokes that can be undone. The default value is 32,767 (32K). 
Tab stops 
Set tabs that the cursor will move to when you press Tab. Enter one or more integers separated by spaces. When multiple tab stops are entered, the numbers indicate the specific columns in which the tab stops are placed. If each successive tab stop is not larger than its predecessor, you will receive an error. When only one tab stop is specified, it indicates the number of spaces to jump each time you tab. 
Collapse level 
Specifies level of text ranges that will be affected by the "Collapse all" command. If this value is equal -1 all text ranges will be collapsed. 
Tab mode 
Specifies how to process TAB key. There are following possible values:
Use tab character: Inserts tab character. If disabled,
Insert spaces: Inserts space characters.
Dialog behavior: Inserts space characters. When edit control in dialog switch focus to the next control.
Smart tab: Tabs to the first non-whitespace character in the preceding line. 
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