EControl Syntax Editor SDK
Demo application EC_EDIT

EControl Syntax Editor demo application is fully functional editor compiled with using EControl Syntax Editor SDK. You can use EControl Syntax Editor demo application freely without any limitations. 


Command line parameters 

You can run ec_edit.exe with command line parameters 


ec_edit.exe filename [r] 



Only single file can be specified. Optional parameter says to open application in read only mode. 

In read only mode you can not modify text, ESCAPE key is used to terminate application. 


Download the latest version of demo editor (ANSI) at: 


Language files 

Language files contain translation of the main window menu and all application dialogs. They have LNG extension. First line of this file may be integer value that specifies character set of the control's fonts. 

Language files are used only in this demo application. You may use them in your applications as well. See application source code in EControl Syntax Editor SDK. 


Unicode version 

Unicode version of demo application allows to work with multilingual texts. 

Download the latest version of demo editor (Unicode) at: 

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