EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TCustomSyntaxMemo Properties

The properties of the TCustomSyntaxMemo class are listed here.

Library version. 
Specifies text alignment within text area. 
Represents animation properties container. 
Specifies background properties. 
Specifies the number of spaces to indent a marked block. 
Lists the bookmarks (TBookmark objects) in the editor. 
Returns zero-based position of the bookmark with the specified index. 
Determines whether the edit control has a single line border around the client area. 
Indicates whether clipboard contains text. 
Indicates whether the edit control contains changes that can be backed out. 
Specifies the TCanvas object that presents a drawing surface for the control. 
Caret manager with caret properties definitions for different modes. 
Indicates the position of the caret in the memo lines. 
Indicates the position of the caret in the memo text. 
Determines the case of the text drawing. 
Specifies character set of the text in editor. 
Indicates number of connected to syntax memo clients. 
Provides indexed access to the clients of syntax memo. 
Specifies color of the line separator drawn at the bottom of the collapsed region. 
Provides indexed access to collapsed ranges. 
Specifies level of text ranges that will be affected by the "Collapse all" command. 
Specifies how to display collapsed regions. 
Specifies the background color of the control. 
Specifies current line, i.e. index of line with caret. 
Specifies the image used to represent the mouse pointer when it passes into the region covered by the control. 
Specifies whether default popup menu should be used. 
Default styles. 
Specifies whether text folding is disabled. 
Specifies whether drag&drop operations are performed using OLE drag&drop engine. 
Specifies scroll bar appearance. 
Controls the attributes of text written on or in the control. 
Represents gutter properties (except of line numbers) container. 
Represents hint properties container. 
Horizontal ruler at the top side of the editor. The width of one unit is equal to default character width. 
Specifies whether incremental search has backward direction. 
Specifies whether incremental search has to ignore case. 
Indicates current incremental search text. 
Identifies the key mapping associated with the editor. 
Controls keystrokes queue. 
Provides indexed access to the line information records. 
Represents line numbers properties container. 
Contains the individual lines of text in the syntax memo control. 
Specifies extra interval between lines and sub-line. 
Specifies extra interval after each line. 
Specifies extra interval before each line. 
Represents line state display properties. 
Offsets of Text area 
Lists markers. 
Indicates whether the user edited the text of the edit control. 
Specifies mode of internal text size calculation. 
Specifies whether syntax memo works like multi-line or single-line edit control. 
Represents non printed characters properties container. 
Specifies a syntax memo's flags that allow to adjust editor behavior. 
Specifies a syntax memo's additional flags that allow to adjust editor behavior. 
Specifies options that are used to perform output to the external Canvas
Determines whether the user can change the text of the syntax memo. 
Specifies how user text input must be inserted in the editor text. 
Specifies right margin position in characters. 
Specifies the color of right margin line. 
Specifies options of save/load state operations. 
Determines whether the syntax memo control has scroll bars. 
Specifies horizontal scrolling position of the syntax memo. 
Specifies visible vertical scrolling position of the syntax memo. 
Specifies list of search marks. 
Provides interface for custom text formatting. 
Represents current selection mode of the syntax memo. 
Specifies the number of characters that are selected. 
Specifies the selected columnar block. 
Specifies the position of the first selected character in the text. 
Specifies the selected portion of the editor's text. 
Specifies whether right margin is visible. 
Specifies back offset of the block staples from the initial position. 
Specifies a pen to draw block staples. 
Manages synchronized editing. 
Specifies TSyntAnalyzer object that is used for syntax highlighting. 
Points to client syntactical analyzer object associated with the syntax memo. 
Represents container of tab positions list. 
Specifies action when user presses Tab key. 
Contains a text string associated with the control. 
Indicates length of the whole editor's text. 
Specifies distance between editor's text area and gutter. 
Represents collection of text margins. 
Specifies external text container. 
Specifies number of a top visible line. 
Makes syntax memo transparent. 
Specifies the number of keystrokes that can be undone. 
Lists the user ranges (TUserRange objects) in the editor. 
Specifies styles container to be used with the user ranges. 
Determines whether the editor wraps text at the right side of text area. 
Specifies zoom factor. 
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