EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TSyntaxFormat Properties

The properties of the TSyntaxFormat class are listed here.

Specifies background color. 
Specifies bottom border line color. 
Specifies left border line color. 
Specifies right border line color. 
Specifies border line color. 
Specifies top border line color. 
Specifies bottom border line style. 
Specifies left border line style. 
Specifies right border line style. 
Specifies border line style. 
Specifies top border line style. 
Specifies how register of text should be changed before rendering. 
Specifies style font. 
Specifies which properties of the style should be used. 
Specifies style properties that can be applied to the Canvas. 
Specifies whether text that displayed with this style must be hidden. 
Specifies whether solid border must be drawn around multiline text region. 
Specifies that text marked with this style is read-only. 
Specifies vertical alignment of the text. 
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