EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TecSelCharPopup Properties

The properties of the TecSelCharPopup class are listed here.

Specifies whether grid cell should be automatically selected when mouse moving over it. 
Specifies background color of popup grid
Specifies cell height. 
Specifies cell width. 
Specifies identifier of the syntax memo command which will fire popup tool execution. 
Specifies the size constraints for the popup control. 
Collection of additional controls added to popup container. 
Specifies font which is used to render characters. 
Specifies conditional position of popup control. 
Specifies the minimal preferable width of the popup control. 
Occurs before showing popup control after calculating popup layout. 
Occurs before a cell in the grid is selected. 
Occurs before showing popup control. 
Occurs when selection in popup control is changed. 
Occurs when popup control is closing. 
Occurs immediately after showing popup control. 
Specifies selected in grid character. 
Specifies whether popup control should drop shadow (XP and higher). 
Specifies whether tool hint with code of the selected character should be displayed. 
Specifies editor to which popup control is linked. 
Specifies tool hint window. 
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