EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TAutoCompletePopup Properties

The properties of the TAutoCompletePopup class are listed here.

Specifies whether list item should be automatically selected when mouse moving over it. 
Occurs after inserting auto-complete item in the editor's text. 
Specifies whether width of the popup list box should fit list items. 
Occurs before inserting auto-complete item in the editor's text. 
Specifies background color of popup list box. 
Occurs after checking some character whether it is a word character. 
Specifies additional space between columns. 
Occurs before showing auto-complete list. 
Called for each item in completion list when filtering. 
Specifies identifier of the syntax memo command which will fire popup tool execution. 
Specifies the size constraints for the popup control. 
Occurs before auto-complete list box is displayed. 
Collection of additional controls added to popup container. 
Occurs when getting filter from editor text. 
Specifies duration of the pause between input of StartString and execution of autocompletion. 
Occurs when users press a single character key when auto-complete list is active. 
Strings that used to draw pop-up list box items. 
Occurs when sorting items. 
Specifies the maximum number of items displayed in the pop-up list. 
Specifies whether autocompletion has to be automatically executed on user input. 
Specifies type of filtration. 
Specifies whether item heights are fixed. 
Specifies font of popup list box. 
Specifies height of popup control. 
Enable horizontal scroll bar in list control. 
Specifies image list which is used to format display items. 
Determines whether the list box displays the partial items. 
Specifies the height in pixels of an item in an owner-draw list box. 
Specifies a list of auto-completion items. 
Specifies conditional position of popup control. 
Popup list box reference. 
Specifies the minimal preferable width of the popup control. 
Occurs before showing popup control after calculating popup layout. 
Occurs before showing popup control. 
Occurs when selection in popup control is changed. 
Occurs when popup control is closing. 
Specifies whether item in popup list box should be accepted on double mouse click. 
Occurs immediately after showing popup control. 
Specifies options of auto-complete popup control. 
Specifies whether popup control should drop shadow (XP and higher). 
Specifies items sort type in auto-completion list. 
Specifies regular expression to test user input to activate code completion. 
User text input string that starts auto-completion. 
Specifies styles holder. 
Specifies editor to which popup control is linked. 
Specifies tool hint window. 
Specifies width of popup control. 
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