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TUserRanges Methods

The methods of the TUserRanges class are listed here.

Creates a new TUserRange instance and adds it to the Items array. 
Creates a new TUserRange instance, adds it to the Items array and initialize it's properties. 
Applies styles of user ranges at the specified position. 
Creates and initializes a TUserRanges instance. 
Destroys an instance of TUserRanges. 
Looks for the style object for the specified style name. 
Looks for the collapsible user range that starts at the specified line. 
Looks for the user range line separator at the specified line. 
Picks line highlighting attributes of the user ranges for the specified line. 
Returns collapsing state (only for user range's collapsing). 
Adds style entries at specified position. 
Loads user ranges from file. 
Returns user range at the specified position. 
Returns user range with specified exact bounds or if SelLength is 0, returns first user range that contains SelStart position. 
Saves user ranges to file. 
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