EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TecCustomPrinter Methods

The methods of the TecCustomPrinter class are listed here.

Is called after each print job has finished printing. 
Is called before the print job has begun. 
Recalculates pages for printing. 
Creates and initializes a TecCustomPrinter instance. 
Destroys an instance of TecCustomPrinter. 
DoUpdatePages is a protected virtual abstract method which is called after recalculating number of printed pages. 
Returns rectangle for document content, i.e. printable area without fields. 
Returns margins in the printable area in device units. 
Returns page count. 
Returns class of the Print Setup dialog. 
Calls for Page Setup dialog. 
Prints all pages. 
Prints specified field. 
Prints page contents without footer and header. 
Prints specified pages. 
Prints single page to the Canvas. 
Recalculates pages for printing. 
Replaces fields in footers and headers with corresponding strings. 
Calculates number of pages for printing 
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