EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TPopupControl Methods

The methods of the TPopupControl class are listed here.

Calculates size and position of popup control. 
Returns True if the popup control can be shown. 
Closes popup window. 
Creates and initializes a TPopupControl instance. 
Destroys an instance of TPopupControl. 
Called when closing popup control. Accept specifies whether user selection in popup control should be accepted. 
Called immediately after showing popup control. 
Returns actual position of popup window. 
Calculates size of popup control. 
Called when selection in popup control is changed. 
Window procedure of the parent form. 
Window procedure of the parent window. 
Window procedure of the popup window. 
Posts internal message which will call ItemChanged method in some time. 
Recalculates size and position of popup control. 
Shows popup control around selected rectangle area. 
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