EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TParamCompletion Methods

The methods of the TParamCompletion class are listed here.

Adds single item (function entry) to the items list. Item string may contain line break characters, in this case this item will occupy several lines.
It is recommended to use this function instead of adding directly to the Items list. 
Creates and initializes a TParamCompletion instance. 
Destroys an instance of TParamCompletion. 
Executes syntax memo plug-in. 
Executes parameter hint at specified position in text. 
Calculates size of popup control. 
Called when selection in popup control is changed. 
Returns number of items. Number of items may be less than Items.Count because, some items may occupy several lines. 
Window procedure of the parent window. 
Shows parameter hint at specified position in text. 
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