EControl Syntax Editor SDK
TecMacroRecorder Methods

The methods of the TecMacroRecorder class are listed here.

Adds a macro at the end of the Macros list. 
Stop recording of the macro and deletes it. 
Creates and initializes a TecMacroRecorder instance. 
Calls the MacrosEdit dialog. 
Removes the macro at the position given by the Index parameter. 
Destroys an instance of TecMacroRecorder. 
Loads macros from the file. 
Loads macros from the Stream. 
Changes the position of a macro in the Macros array. 
Saves macros from the Macros array to the file with FileName filename. 
Saves macros from the Macros array to the Stream. 
Starts recording of a macro if AllowRecord is true. 
Stops recording of the currently recorded macro and adds it to the Macros list. 
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