EControl Syntax Editor SDK

The following table lists classes in this documentation.

Collection of TTagBlockCondition objects. 
Contains information about the block staple. 
Stores changes positions in text and provides conversion for old to new positions and vice versa. 
Performs syntactical analysis for a single client of the TSyntAnalyzer component. 
Code templates allows insert any predefined text using shortcut. 
Collection of TCodeTemplate objects. 
Collection of TSingleTagCondition objects. 
Used by the syntax manager. 
Contains information about line separator. 
Line break text range. 
Base class for components that can be stored in file. 
Performs syntactical analysis for a single client of the TSyntAnalyzer component. 
Base class for rule objects. 
Condition for testing single token. 
TStyledRange is range class associated with the Style
TStyleEntries stores an array of pointers to TStyleEntry objects. 
Represents entry in TStyleEntries list. 
Collection of TSyntaxFormat objects. 
Specifies rule for sub-lexer range detecting. 
Collection of TSubAnalyzerRule objects. 
Contains information about nested lexer. 
TSyntAnalyzer is component that contains rules, styles and other properties required for syntactical analysis. 
Specifies display properties of the text. 
TSyntaxManager is a library of Lexer Analyzers
TSyntCollection - base class for collections which are used in TSyntAnalyzer
TSyntCollectionItem - base class for collection items which are used in TSyntAnalyzer
Container of the styles collection. 
Implements shared text and syntax source for syntax editors. 
Contains information about a token. 
Complex condition on token sequence. 
Text range is a group of consecutive tokens. 
Specifies rule for token detecting. 
Collection of TTokenRule objects. 
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