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Demo application

EControl Syntax Editor application is a fully functional plain text editor with syntax highlighting and text structure view. It is compiled using EControl Syntax Editor SDK and demonstrates main features of this library.

The Editor allows working with text in different formats and codings. Editor represents text in hierarchical view that make navigation and analysis easier.

The text is analyzed by a fully customizable syntactical analyzer (lexer). The user can edit with fully preconfigured existing lexers for almost all popular programming languages. He can completely change the configuration of the preconfigured lexers as he wishes.  The user can also create new lexers.

User formating is also possible (like in rich text editor). User formatting is saved in separate file which does not have influence on original text.

The editor alows exporiting text with syntax highlighting and custom formatting to HTML and RTF formats. It allows also coping text to clipboard in RTF format.

You may use multi-repalce tools to automate text conversions. Multi-replace tool allows to craete replace rules and apply them to either the complete text file or to selected regions of it.

The editor is distributed with 5 localizations: English, Russian, German, Magyar, Ukrainian. We encourage people to work on other localisations. Your work is appreciated!

To start the editor in read-only mode use the next command line: ec_edit.exe filename r

EControl Syntax Editor application is freeware and can be freely distributed.

There are two versions (kinds) ANSI and Unicode:

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