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EControl Syntax Editor SDK

Brief components description

TSyntaxMemo - visual text editor with syntax highlighting. TSyntAnalyzer - styles and rules holder, performs lexis analysis.
TSyntaxManager - container of multiple lexers for managing purpose. TSyntFindDialog - dialog for search in TSyntaxMemo (with regular expressions).
TSyntReplaceDialog - dialog to perform text replace operations. TSyntaxTreeView - shows structure of text ranges, provide easy navigation through text.
TSyntTextSource - text storage that may be shared with several editors. TSyntKeyMapping - hold key shortcut assignments for the editor commands.
TRTFSyntExport - export to RTF format. THTMLSyntExport - export to HTML format.
TAutoCompletePopup - auto-complete managing component. TTemplatePopup - code templates managing component.
TecSyntPrinter - printer component. TecSyntPreview - print preview control.
TecDragDrop - component intended for managing OLE drag&drop operations. TSyntAutoReplace - auto replace plug-in.
TSyntStyles - styles holder for using with UserStyles property of Editor. TUserStylesCombo - combo box for selecting user style.
TPropsManager - share settings between several objects, save to/load from ini/registry. THyperlinkHighlighter - highlights hyperlinks defined using reg. expressions, executes corresponding shell commands.
TecDictionary - word lists manager, used by the spell checker to validate word in the text. TecSpellChecker - validates words in text, highlights errors. May be used for custom error detection.
TParamCompletion - automated code parameter hints. TDBSyntaxMemo - DB version of syntax editor.
TecFormPrinter - printer component for printing forms. TecMemoStateStorage - saves/restores editor state.
TecSingleInstance - component to manage instances of the application. TecMacroRecorder - records and plays macros.
TecMultiReplace - performs complex replace operations defined rules. TecEmbeddedObjects - provides ability of custom formatting by user, embedded images and controls.
TecSelCharPopup - popup grid with characters to be inserted in editor. TecHotKey - special hot key control used in key mapping dialog.
TecFindInTreeDialog - dialog for search text in tree view control. TSmartTagManager - manages multiple smart tags added to editor.
TSyntaxEdit - Single line syntax edit control. TSingleButtonSyntaxEdit - Single line edit control with a button.
TSpinSyntaxEdit - Single line numeric edit control with up/down. TSyntaxComboBox - Combo box based on syntax edit and auto-completion popup list.
TBtnSyntaxEdit - Syntax edit with arbitrary number of customizable buttons. TDurationEdit - Special edit control to edit time interval.
TColumnSyntaxEditor - Special descendent of syntax memo for editing TAB separated text files.    
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