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Syntax Editor was updated. (version 3.00).
Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support, new controls:

TSyntaxEdit - Single line syntax edit control. All power of syntax memo in edit control: highlighting, extended commands, completion, etc.

TSingleButtonSyntaxEdit - Single line edit control with a button.

TSpinSyntaxEdit - Single line edit control with up/down. It's suited for editing integer, float, date and time values.

TSyntaxComboBox - Combo box based on syntax edit and auto-completion popup list. Use highlighting in edit field and formatting of drop-down list. Ability to create multiline combo boxes.

TDurationEdit - Special edit control to edit time interval.

TBtnSyntaxEdit - Syntax edit with arbitrary number of customizable buttons.

TColumnSyntaxEditor - Special descendent of syntax memo for editing TAB separated text files.

15.10.2011 EControl Form Designer Pro was updated (version 2.50).
Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2 support ...
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