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Radio planning GIS

Radio planning GIS - the multipurpose program based on geoinformation system, providing imitating modelling radio-electronic conditions (REC) in the specified range of frequencies and areas of space, forecasting of influence of the REC on radio engineering systems. Use this software for automatization of radio communication systems and networks designing. The basis of Radio Planning GIS: mathematical models of radiowaves propagation, receivers, transmitter, antennas and feeders.


  • Minimization of time and financial expenses for designing of radio communication systems and networks, radar-location and navigation systems.
  • Improvement of quality of functioning of radio communication systems and networks, radar-location and navigation systems.

Main features


  • Supports of vector and raster maps.
  • Import / export of vector maps from standard formats (MapInfo, ArcView, tables of the data).
  • Vector layers may be used as a data carrier for mathematical models, for example, a layer of forests, a layer of buildings, a layer of reservoirs, a layer of post offices, etc.
  • Visualization of calculation (analysis) results.


  • Frequency assignments
  • Directories of receivers and transmitters characteristics, aerials, radiations classes, feeders.
  • Data exchange with the GIS module.
  • Filtration and search using modelling results.

Mathematical models

  • Mathematical models of radiowave propagation (statistical models, the Hata, CCIR, COST 231, Deigout, Bullington, Epstein - Peterson, Giovanelly ...
  • Mathematical models of transmiters, receivers, aerials and feeders, models of own, external natural and industrial noises.

Modelling tools

  • Calculation of field strength at a point.
  • Calculation of field strength along an specified way.
  • Construction of zones of a confident radio communication (territorial planning)
  • Optimization of the location and parameters
  • Dynamic designing.
  • Network designing.
  • Frequency planning.
  • Algorithms of optimum distribution of a frequency resource.
  • Estimation of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Forecasting of electromagnetic conditions in a point.
  • Construction of zones of handicapes
  • Import of measurement results.
  • Statistical processing of measurement results.
  • Restoration of dependences (regress) of a modelling mistake.
  • Adaptations of radiowave propagation model, using measurements.
Demonstration version
    Demonstration version has the following restrictions:
  • The area in which the system is fully functional is limited
    (39º00″ ÷ 40º00″; 56º40″ ÷ 58º00″). Outside of demonstration region access to a relief and mathematical models is forbidden.
The demonstration version is available in two languages:
Download English version...
Download Russian version...

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Modelling results

3D antenna

Frequency planning

Estimation of electromagnetic compatibility

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