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EControl Form Designer Pro

Main features

  • Fully compatible with Delphi IDE
  • It is based on the same interfaces like Delphi form designer
  • You can edit forms, data modules, reports, controls on you form
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Undo, Redo operations.
  • Design Surface - container for designed forms.
  • Im-place text editing - original feature which provides ability of editing text captions directly on control. This makes designing process more comfortable.
  • Object inspector looks and works like Delphi's one and now has BDS style with support of property categories, gutter, references, Unicode properties edit...
  • State images - special interface to add images to property edit control at the left side.
  • Easy integration with 3D-party Scripters

Other features

  • Support custom modules
  • Support property and component editors
  • Collection, picture, string, dataset fields, actions and other editors are available
  • "Object Inspector Properties" dialog.
  • Cross modules references (object and method)
  • Event properties editing
  • Runtime package loading
  • Palette panel for selecting Class to insert
  • Palette tab control like Delphi one
  • Alignment palette
  • Align, Size, Scale, Tab Order, Creation Order dialogs
  • Designer hints
  • Clipboard operations compatible with Delphi (you can copy components to/ from Delphi)
  • Customizable performance
  • "Packages" dialog allows Load/Unload packages.
  • "Customize Palette" dialog allows customizing component palette.
  • Save/Load component palette and packages configuration.
  • Frame support. You can insert and edit frames.
  • Properties Root, Form, ContainerWindow are now public. To set design target Published property Target has been added.
  • Property Edit - edit control for editing property value using property editors.
  • BDS style design operations
  • Object Tree View - displays a tree diagram of the visual and nonvisual components you place on a form, data module, or frame.
  • Tools palette list - Tool list with component palette. Allows in-place rearranging, autocollapsing, vertical categories, components filtration, etc.
  • Ready to-use frames: object inspector frame, component palette tool list frame, object tree view frame - encapsulate default behavior and make creation of design environment faster.
  • ...
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