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Brief components description

TzFormDesigner provides full-sized functionality to manipulate with controls at run-time as if it was to be in design-time IDE. 
TzFormDesigner implements all the required design-time interfaces for this purpose and propose a set of properties, methods and events to create design-like environment at runtime. 
With TzFormDesigner user may design forms, data-modules, report sheets and so on. It uses all the standard Borland property and component editors.
TDesignerEvents provides access to events of active designer and design environment (for example: OnGetGlobalComponents, OnDsnKeyDown, OnSelectionChanged, ...)

represents dual list control with properties of the selected object(s) in the active designer. Any of these properties are accessible for editing. It declares and implements all the properties and methods for these purposes.

TComponentCombo represents object inspector's combo box. It contains all components in the form (data module, ...), that is designed by the active designer.

Edit control to edit specified property. This control uses property editors (IProperty). 
Style of the control depends on property editor and may be: simple, ellipsis or combo-box.

TPalettePanel is the panel to represent button panel with icons, where each icon represents installed component..
TPaletteTab is the container with tabs corresponding to component palette pages.
TDesignSurface serves as deigned form container. Blocks activation of the form.Redirects keyboard input to designer.
TObjectInspectorFrame frame which contains inspector lists for properties and events, component compobox. It has default popup menu, default designer events processing and "Object Inspector Properties" dialog. Use this frame to quickly integrate standard object inspector.
TPaletteToolList Tool list with component palette. Allows in-place rearranging, autocollapsing, vertical categories, components filtration, etc.
TPaletteFrame Frame which encapsulates standard component palette (BDS). Provides deafult toolbar, popup menu and "Tools Palette Properties" dialog.
TDesignerObjTree Object TreeView displays a tree diagram of the visual and nonvisual components you place on a form, data module, or frame.
TObjectTreeFrame Frame which encapsulates standard object tree view window with default toolbar and popup menu.
TEditEx Edit control derived from TCustomEdit and provides features: Unicode text editing, right-side button, popup list, left-side status area. It is used as base control for TPropertyEdit.
TBtnPanel Panel control with list of buttons. Buttons may be organizd in list or in grid. Base control for TPalettePanel.
TToolList Tools list - list of items organized in categories. Base control for TPaletteToolList.
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