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TDesignSurface Class

Design surface window.

TDesignSurface = class(TCustomControl);


Serves as deigned form container. Blocks activation of the form.Redirects keyboard input to designer. 

Assign design surface to TzCustomFormDesigner.DesignSurface Property. Designer automatically puts designed form on the surface.

The methods of the TDesignSurface class are listed here. 
The properties of the TDesignSurface class are listed here. 
read only 
TDesignSurface Methods 
Activates associated designer. 
Adjusts scrollbars and form position in the container. 
Called by designer when form was resized. 
Invokes an action with the component as its target. 
Updates an action component to reflect the current state of the component. 
TDesignSurface Properties 
Designer sets this property to show/hide frame around form. 
Specifies type of used scroll bars. 
Specifies attached form. 
Specifies offset of the form relative to client origin of design surface. 
Specifies width of the frame line. 
Specifies whether form caption and border should be hidden. 
Specifies whether ruler displays scale only for client area. 
Specifies current scrolling position. 
Specifies whether frame around form may be visible. 
Specifies whether rulers are visible. 
Specifies units used by rulers. 
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