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TCustomDesignerObjTree Class

Object TreeView displays a tree diagram of the visual and nonvisual components you place on a form, data module, or frame.

TCustomDesignerObjTree = class(TCustomTreeView, ISprigDesigner, IDesignNotification);


Object TreeView displays the componentsí logical relationships, such as sibling, parent-child (such as a form to a check box), and property relationships (such as a dataset to its FieldDefs properties).Some of these relationships are implicit, such as a dataset component to its properties. You can create other relationships by dragging and dropping one component on top of another, if they have the possibility of a relationship. Or you can drag and drop to change the parental relationships between components. 


For example, you can drag:

  • Related components that you can combine, such as a panel and a check box to make a parent-child relationship.
  • Data sources from one table or dataset to another.
  • Databases from one session to another.
  • Datasets (such as tables and queries) from one database to another.


Some nodes in the tree diagram are shown with black-and-white icons. These nodes represent "implied" components. 


Double-click the item to open component editor if there is any component editor associated with selected component. 


When you right-click an item in the tree diagram, you'll see an abridged version of the component's context menu. To access the full menu, right-click on the same component in the form, data module, or frame.

The methods of the TCustomDesignerObjTree class are listed here. 
The properties of the TCustomDesignerObjTree class are listed here. 
The events of the TCustomDesignerObjTree class are listed here. 
read only 
TCustomDesignerObjTree Events 
Called before creation node in object tree. Allows restrict sprigs to be shown and allows changing node text. 
TCustomDesignerObjTree Methods 
Adds menu items for adding new elements. 
Adds item of type specified at index. 
Returns number of adding types. 
Determines whether selected item maybe deleted. 
Determines whether item may be moved. 
Creates and initializes a TCustomDesignerObjTree instance. 
Deletes selected items. 
Destroys an instance of TCustomDesignerObjTree. 
Initializes the component after the form file has been read into memory. 
Moves selected item up or down. 
Forwards notification messages to all owned components. 
TCustomDesignerObjTree Properties 
Provides indexed access to types of added items. 
Allows direct linking to particular designer. In this case object tree will work with objects of the Designer.Root and will work even when designer is not active. 
References root sprig item. 
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