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TzCustomFormDesigner.OnGetScriptProc Event

Occurs when method property editor ask for script procedure name associated with a given property.

property OnGetScriptProc: TGetScriptProcEvent;

Write this event handler to return procedure name associated with property pInfo^.Name of object Instance.

In this sample associations of script procedures and properties are stores in TStrings object (property Items in list box EventsList) with items - <ObjectName>.<PropertyName>=<ScriptProcedure> 


procedure TForm4.zFormDesigner1GetScriptProc(Sender, Instance: TObject;
  pInfo: PPropInfo; var ProcName: String);
  ProcName := '';
  if Instance is TComponent then
    if zFormDesigner1.Root = Instance then
      ProcName := EventsList.Items.Values[PInfo^.Name]
      ProcName := EventsList.Items.Values[(Instance as TComponent).Name + '.' + PInfo^.Name];
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