EControl Form Designer Pro
TzCustomFormDesigner.KeyDown Method

Respond to key press events.

procedure KeyDown(var Key: Word; Shift: TShiftState); override;

It works similar to TWinControl.KeyDown. 


First KeyDown fires OnKeyDown event . 

Then processes keystrokes

  • VK_F4 with ssCtrl in Shift switches Active property to False
  • VK_DELETE - deletes selected controls
  • VK_INSERT - with ssCtrl do copying from buffer, with ssShift - pasting
  • VK_DOWN, VK_UP, VK_LEFT, VK_RIGHT - do moving selected controls
  • VK_ESCAPE - moves selection from component to its parent
  • VK_TAB - moves selection to another component in its TabOrder sequences

Finally calls DsnManager.KeyDown procedure. 


See TWinControl.KeyDown for details.

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