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TecHintHelper Class

Automates hints processing and provides properties to adjust it.

TecHintHelper = class(TPersistent);


Provides properties for hints processing. Supports Unicode hints associated with regions of the control. 

To use hint helper you need to call ControlWndProc from window procedure of control and process CM_GETHINTDATA message.

The methods of the TecHintHelper class are listed here. 
The properties of the TecHintHelper class are listed here. 
TecHintHelper Methods 
Cancels the display of a hint for a control. 
Owner control passes window messages to this procedure. 
Creates and initializes a TecHintHelper instance. 
Destroys an instance of TecHintHelper. 
Hides the current hint. 
Shows hint window if mouse over region of control which has hint information. Immediately parameter forces to show hint immediately. 
TecHintHelper Properties 
Specifies whether hint may be moved left if it's right side out of screen. 
Determines the color of the hint boxes for the Help Hints. 
Specifies whether hints should be shown. 
Specifies font of the hint window. 
Specifies the time interval to wait before hiding the Hint if the mouse has not moved from the control region. 
Specifies the time interval that passes before the control's Hint appears when the user places the mouse pointer on a control. 
Specifies the time period to wait before bringing up a hint if another hint has already been shown for this control. 
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