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TDualList Class

TDualList implements list with two columns

TDualList = class(TCustomControl);


TDualList is used as the base class for TCustomInspectorList. It implements list with two columns. First column is used for names, second one for values. In-place editor are used to edit values in the second column.

The methods of the TDualList class are listed here. 
The properties of the TDualList class are listed here. 
read only 
TDualList Methods 
Creates and initializes an instance of TDualList. 
Creates in-place editor. Must be overridden in derived classes. 
Creates underlying screen object. 
Destroys an instance of TDualList. 
Processes mouse wheel motion. 
Draws a specified cell. 
Draws string in the specified rectangle 
Draws Unicode string in the specified rectangle 
Invokes an action with the component as its target. 
Moves focus from list control to child in-place editor. 
Determines if specified item is header. 
Returns the rectangle that surrounds the item specified in the Item parameter. 
Respond to key press events. 
Generates an OnMouseUp event. 
Respond to mouse moving over control area.. 
Returns item index depending on coordinates specified in Y parameter. 
Generates an OnMouseUp event. 
Renders the image of a dual list. 
Set method of ItemIndex property. 
Updates an action component to reflect the current state of the component. 
Updates current Editor
TDualList Properties 
Determines the style of the line drawn around the perimeter of the panel control. 
Provides access to a drawing surface that represents the TDualList. 
In-place editor 
Specifies whether editor is visible in the selected row 
Specifies the number of items in the DualList 
Specifies the height, in pixels, of the items in the dual list 
Specifies the index of the selected item. 
Occurs when the user clicks the dual list. 
Determines whether lines are drawn separating items in the list 
Specifies whether frame rectangle should be painted around selected item. 
Specifies width of the first column in pixels (or splitter position) 
Indicates the position of the control in its parent's tab order. 
Add a summary here... 
Specifies the topmost row that appears in the dual list. 
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