EControl Form Designer Pro
Version 2.30

Version 2.3 (from version 2.2) 

  1. Improved design grid painting (faster)
  2. Customization of Tool Component Palette, see TPaletteToolList.CustomItems Property
  3. Corrected inspector painting
  4. Fixed problem of object inspector under D2009 (when properties of type string were not shown in object editor frame). Added property TInspectorList.TypeSelector.
  5. Fixed problem of incorrect images deduplication procedure when adding actions in action list editor.
  6. Registration of standard actions (StdRegComps.pas)
  7. Redesigned standard actions (cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, select all). Now they derived from TEdit____ actions. This allows using them for edit controls and for designer.
  8. Property search functionality. In object inspector press TAB and input first letters of property display name to search it in list. See TCustomInspectorList.SearchPropMode Property, TCustomInspectorList.SearchPropKey Property.
  9. Using drag images when dragging component from component palette or component tool list. See TPalettePanel.DragImageType Property, TPaletteToolList.DragImageType Property, TPaletteTab.PalettePanel Property
  10. TzCustomFormDesigner.OnDrawControl Event
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